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Aerospace & Defence

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We are trusted to handle complex projects using sector-specific terminology, with an unshakeable commitment to the highest standards of accuracy, precision, and confidentiality.

Ensuring fully secure environment for translating sensitive and confidential data

Military Content

  • Staff Training Materials
  • Logistics Support Data
  • Parts Specifications
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Manuals & Operating Instructions
  • Training Materials
  • Replacement Parts

Technical Content

  • Illustrated Parts Breakdowns (IPBs)
  • Défense and Military RFP & Bids
  • Operation and maintenance Manuals
  • Technical Drawings (CAD, CAM, MEP)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Army Spare Parts
  • Technical Reports


  • Maintenance Allocation Charts
  • Technical Aerospace Manual
  • Catalogue Translation
  • Technical Reports
  • Labels


  • All Contracts & Agreements
  • Minutes of AGMs
  • Policies
  • Bylaws
  • Public Tenders

Branded Content

  • Capabilities Presentations
  • Social Media Content
  • Publications & Reviews
  • Video Subtitles & Scripts
  • Websites & Apps

Babel translators are armed with up-to-date glossaries and well-versed in military jargon and military-specific abbreviations, ensuring consistency and cost-efficiency

We translate your content and create a layout typical to original to ensure translated documents match the original design & format.

Our language recruitment deals with attracting, screening, testing and selecting qualified linguistic professionals for your job. Whether you are looking for a translator, proof-reader, editor or native Language expert, we are sure we would be able to help you out

We provide qualified and certified Military interpreters with the right experience and the qualifications to meet your most specific requirements

We extract key terminology from source files to create a client-specific glossary, then translate and edit glossary terms as your own term base

We adopt the technical content while maintaining the level of formality, tone, and style

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