Translation Services

Translation without realizing a translation ever occurred!

Quality, error-free and true-to-the-original human translation in 20+ sectors and 75+ language pairs, performed by sworn translators with industry-specific experience.

language Services

A translation without realizing a translation ever occurred!

Quality, error-free, and true-to-the-original human translation in 20+ sectors and 75+ language pairs, performed by sworn translators with industry-specific experience. 

Legal Translation

Babel is officially certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice to provide certified language solutions for law firms, regulatory, government, and business sectors.

Public Sector Translation

We are trusted by government entities to enhance their content so they can communicate effectively with their local and international audiences

Media Translation

Our creative team gives your brand a global creative voice and provides translation without realizing a translation ever occurred.

Life Science Translation

Let doctors translate for you. Our professional medical translators have in-depth specialist knowledge of the fields science, medicine, chemistry and pharmaceuticals

Finance & Banking Translation

We solve multilingual needs for financial institutions so they can create the best possible relationships with their customers in any language, globally.

Academic Translation

Through our quality work, we empower academic institutions and universities to communicate their content across boundaries and cultural barriers.

Oil & Energy Translation

Babel combines in-country linguistic resources and human experts to help the world leading energy and oil leaders engage international customers and communicate efficiently

Retail & e-commerce Translation

People prefer shopping in their native language. Let’s sell more and move into new markets by transforming your content to reach more shoppers

Aerospace & Military Translation

We are trusted to handle complex projects using sector-specific terminology, with an unshakeable commitment to the highest standards of accuracy and precision and confidentiality

Website Translation

Boost your website's global traffic and take your business global by giving multi-language access to your potential customers.

Insurance Translation

We provide zero-error, quality and fast translations of policy documents, claims, websites, and marketing materials.

Back Translation

Our specialized quality assurance team can proofread your previously translated documents for accuracy. We will correct errors, omissions and terminology to protect your clients’ interests.

Book Translation

Literary translation by linguists who can preserve the tone, sensibility, nuances, and overall message of the original material.

Hospitality Translation

If you are a hospitality-related business, equip your website and printed materials with individual language access for your core audiences worldwide.

Religious Translation

Our team are experts in the country’s main religions is experienced in sensitively translating religious speeches, from books, leaflets to videos.

Conference Interpretation

language interpretation services that businesses can rely on

From one-on-one meetings to large conferences, Babel provides court, sight, consecutive, and simultaneous interpretation services by qualified and sworn interpreters with United Nations' work experience in various domains, including legal, government, media, sport, community and suitability, who can ensure the success of your event

Court Interpreting

Babel’s worn interpreter is certified by UAE Ministry of Justice to provide 100% accurate interpretation and sight translation services in UAE court proceedings ensuring that justice is carried out fairly for defendants and judges, even with less than one hour notice.

Court Proceedings

Arbitration & Settlements

Consecutive Interpreting

Our consecutive interpreters offer seamless way of communication. Unlike simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpreter speaks when the speaker pauses, besides there’s no need for equipment; a pen, paper and Babel’s interpreter will suffice.

Medical and Legal Appointments
Field Visitation with Foreign Delegates

Military Training

Business Meetings

Press Conferences & Interviews


Our top-tier narrators (English & Arabic) can make your content come to life.

Governmental Conferences

Training sessions

Business meetings

Community events

live interactions

Localization Services

Making Every Project a Close Fit for its Target Market

Content localization consists of translating and adapting content, taking into consideration the target audience and the linguistic, social and cultural specifications of a given market.

Our localization service makes every project a close fit for its target market and ensure your content is suited to a region’s specific language and culture references.

Localization plan may include :

  • Developing glossaries
  • Developing style guidelines
  • Editing locale-specific information
  • Reformatting text in graphics
  • Adjusting HTML code & scripts for websites
  • Revising software to meet country standards
  • Linguistic and functional testing
  • Ongoing quality control

Website Localization

Take your business global without you breaking the bank!

Boost your website's global traffic by giving multi-language access to your potential customers.

E-learning Localization

Give your eLearning material a Global reach!

Adapt your courses to best fit your international audiences' regions and cultures.

E-commerce Localization

People prefer shopping in their native language

Rapidly move into new markets by providing localized content for your products

App Localization

Increase your App's downloads!

We localize your App to fit your intended region's linguistic and cultural needs.

Transcreation Services

Beyond Words!

Coined from “translation” and “creation”, transcreation refers to the adaptation of creative content to ensure it resonates with culturally distinctive audiences. It considers feelings, cultures and ideas, not just words and information.


At Babel, we combine translation and copywriting to recreate your content beyond literal translation, but with creative touch, feelings, ideas, and reactions.


From branded content to publications, marketing campaigns to media collaterals, we take your content global and ensure your message always gets through.

  • TV commercials
  • Campaigns
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Data Sheets
  • Annual Reports
  • Creative Writing
  • Events Agenda
  • Public Relations
  • Posters
  • copywriting
  • Websites
  • Presentations
  • Taglines
  • Brochures
  • Radio commercials

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